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Notice of Receipt of the Good Design Award for 2023

We are pleased to announce that the "Robot Delivery System [MAPS]," a product by Full-Time System Co., Ltd.(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Koichiro Hara, hereinafter referred to as "Full-Time System"), the number one provider of home delivery boxes and lockers*¹, has been selected for the 2023 "Good Design Award." QBIT Robotics Corporation(Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroya Nakano, hereinafter referred to as "QBIT Robotics") supported the conceptualization, planning, design, and development of this product.

Even in a super-aging society, we will continue to provide innovative solutions to create a service robot society where people and robots can work together and live happily.

         Image provided by: Full Time System Co., Ltd.

*¹ Full-time system research: Estimated based on "Nationwide Condominium Market Trends 2022 Results and Prospects" (Real Estate Economic Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

[Product/System Overview]

 There is a delivery locker in the apartment, and the delivery locker will receive your parcels when you are not home. Carrying heavy and many items from this delivery locker to your home can be especially difficult if you live in a large or tower apartment. The robot will automatically take it out of the delivery locker and deliver it to your home. We will help transport everyone.

By connecting (1) the app, (2) parcel lockers, (3) orthogonal robots, (4) transport robots, and (5) elevators, we provide a service that allows for the easy retrieval of parcels stored in the parcel lockers. Each system is interconnected using IoT, enabling actions like (1) calling, (2) storing, (3) retrieving, (4) transporting, and (5) calling for delivery. Additionally, the transport robots can also provide parcel placement in designated delivery spots located in front of each residence. This ensures delivery even when the recipient is not present. You can choose whether to receive parcels directly from the robots or have them left in front of your home.

[Good Design Award winning page]

<Comments from the Good Design Award Jury>

The society is often described as "super-aging," with a growing number of elderly people living alone in urban apartment buildings. Furthermore, the practice of ordering various products for home delivery has become commonplace. In places where the convenience of having various people involved in deliveries with easy access to residential buildings is emphasized, it can be problematic from a security standpoint. In addition, many of these deliveries consist of heavy items such as essential supplies and stockpiled goods, making it difficult for individuals with physical limitations or the elderly to transport these items. The introduction of robots to address these security concerns and reduce the burden of carrying heavy loads is commendable.


[Inquiries regarding products]

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