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Use Case

Here are some examples of QBIT's involvement so far. Eating and drinking starts at the "strange cafe" in Shibuya, and then drinks, pasta, and waffles. Recently, we announced the "in-building delivery service" by linking multiple robots of different models and manufacturers.

[Permanent store]​ Tokyo Shibuya "Weird Cafe"

Opened in February 2018​ It is a robot cafe that uses the human-cooperative arm robot Sawyer.

​ Even now, three years after its opening, many customers still come to our store.​


[POC] Tokyo Onarimon UCC "No.11 cafe"

This is an experiment to introduce a cafe robot package in a full-scale cafe. Collaborative work between humans and robots


[POC] Omiya Station JR Startup "Pasta Robot"

For the first time, a cardboard installation housing for events is used. Since it was necessary to install it at night, the installation was completed in 5 hours from the start of installation. The taste of pasta was well received and I think many customers were pleased with it.​


[Exhibition] Caravan Coffee Hand Drip

​Barista champion and cafe robot hand drip game. We held an event where customers tasted both of the finished coffees and those who enjoyed it scored points. Did you win? Is it a human or a robot?​


[Permanent store] "THE GALLEY SEAFOOD & GRILL"
​ Serving robot introduced

After announcing the serving robot as a corona countermeasure solution, we received a consultation regarding its introduction.

Initially, it was only served, but recently it seems that it is also serving, and it is being fully utilized.​


[POC] Mori Trust In-house delivery and collection service

Using the actual package, we will automatically select the automatic transfer robot suitable for the size and destination, and then deliver and collect the package. In addition, when small luggage is placed on the dedicated luggage rack on which the robot arm is mounted, it is automatically loaded onto the automatic transfer robot.


Click here for details


[Permanent store] Nagasaki strange cafe Huis Ten Bosch store

We have evolved the development know-how of the first strange cafe and developed a cafe robot package that includes a booth dedicated to robots. This is the first case study.​​


[POC] Tokyo Ikebukuro Yoronotaki "Zerokenme Tavern"

This is a demonstration experiment of using robots in a bar. Equipped with a "hospitality engine" that serves customers while making sake. We have been interviewed by a great many media.​​

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[Exhibition] Fujitsu Hotel & Restaurant

We cooked mackerel cans in collaboration with Fujitsu Robopin. Transfer the mackerel can to a container, heat it in the microwave, and add condiments to complete it.


[Experiment] Can you make the best beer foam?

In a newcomer's robot teaching practice, I opened the bottle opener of the bottle opener and poured it into the tumbler while making the best beer foam.

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[Exhibition] UCC "Supermarket Trade Show 2020"

This time, I tried baking waffles in addition to the coffee service. It's not just roasting, it also includes the action of sprinkling fresh cream as a topping.

The content was challenging for the exhibition, but it was unexpectedly popular.

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