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QBIT handles a variety of robot products, including arm robot solutions.

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​Robot cafe system package

A robot package with an integrated housing developed for cafes. Since the housing is already equipped with water and sewage, power supply, network, etc., a robot cafe is possible if there is a space of 2.4m square.

By changing the cooking machine, it is possible to change not only to cafes but also to other restaurants. You can also sell sweets and light meals with the product sales attachment.

Drinker robot package

It is a drinker robot package that makes cocktails and other alcoholic beverages in the kitchen.

20 one-shot dispensers, juice dispenser, ice dispenserBy combining, you can make 144 kinds of cocktails, large and small, at high speed. It is also possible to handle 6 types of glasses such as tumblers, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and pitchers.


In-building collection and delivery service

It is a robot system that can efficiently perform in-house delivery of large-scale buildings by controlling multiple transfer robots.

We plan to do automatic doors, security doors, and even elevator cooperation.

Serving robot / delivery robot

​It is a transfer robot (serving robot) that is being used mainly for eating out, non-face-to-face, non-contact serving and lower serving.

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