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QBIT has been selected for the open innovation program "SG HOLDINGS HIKYAKU LABO 2022".

QBIT Robotics, Inc. has been selected for the SG Holdings HIKYAKU LABO 2022, an open innovation program of the SG Holdings Group.

DEMO DAY (2022/11/30) group photo


SG HOLDINGS HIKYAKU LABO 2022 aims to co-create new businesses and services by utilizing both the management resources of the SG HOLDINGS Group and new ideas and technologies of start-ups and other external companies.

<Themes of the Call for Proposals>

Theme(1) Creating new value for society and the entire supply chain by combining advanced technologies and know-how 

Theme(2) Realization of a recycling-oriented society through the reuse of goods and the use of renewable materials and clean energy

Theme (3) Development of new businesses that lead to solutions to social issues with a focus on regional development

Theme (4) Stable supply of high-quality logistics functions as social infrastructure

Details of the adoption

QBIT's co-creation idea with World Supply Co., Ltd. under theme (4), "Stable supply of high-quality logistics functions as social infrastructure," was adopted by the program.

On November 30, 2022, QBIT participated in "DEMO DAY," a presentation on the outline of the co-creation idea and future prospects, and made a joint presentation with WORLD SUPPLY CO.,LTD


Advanced Attractive Logistics through Collaboration between Humans and Robots


Stable supply of high-quality logistics functions as social infrastructure


World Supply, which provides "attractive logistics" in response to diversifying logistics needs, is taking on the challenge of "automation in the service industry" by utilizing the robotics services provided by QBIT Robotics.

Please stay tuned for more news!

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