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"Zero eaves Robo bar"

A robot cafe in the HIS Shibuya store on the 1st basement floor of Shibuya MODI. This cafe, which opened on February 1, 2018, became a hot topic when it first opened.

It's been three years since the store opened, but the robots are still in business. If you haven't experienced it yet, please experience the fun and potential of Robot Cafe.

* Since this was a demonstration experiment for a limited time, it is not currently being conducted.

養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
​In-store robot booth

Instead of the conventional installation style with integrated housing, it is a space created in a normal store​ A style in which only the robot system is installed with QBIT. Space is an important factor in the restaurant industry and cannot be wasted, so a system design that is as compact as possible was required.

As compact as possible

​Make 6 kinds of cocktails + 7 kinds of beer. In order to make it as compact as possible, the layout of each equipment was manufactured and examined at an in-house experimental facility. The challenge is the production time of one cup. Even if the layout is compact, if it takes a long time to produce, it will affect the profit.

養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
​Easy maintenance and replenishment

Maintenance and ease of replenishment are also important when operating in an actual store.

​ QBIT uses a 3D printer to create a unique jig to build a robot-friendly environment.

​Completion of the drinker robot

​It was completed in a short period of 2 months from the design. By using the "QBIT service robot development platform", the software development period can be shortened, enabling quick delivery. After the store opened, it was taken up by a large number of media and was sent overseas, so we received many inquiries from overseas.

養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
From regulars to families with children, Robo Bar was accepted by a wide range of customers. "

"Everyone enjoys shooting videos on their smartphones. Although there were many new customers and customers who were looking for robots, they were generally accepted by customers. There were no criticisms or complaints," said Mr. Momiya. With robots as a trigger, the number of families with children and foreigners has increased as a new customer base.

"Regular customers (older age groups) also used the Robo bar. Maybe because it was embarrassing, I bought it at the timing when other customers weren't using the Robo bar," said Mr. Unno with a laugh. He introduced me to the episode. He said the Robo Bar was accepted by a wide range of age groups.

Right: Yoronotaki Co., Ltd. Sales Group

Mr. Yoshio Momiya, Area Leader Directly Managed in Kanto Area

Left: Yoronotaki Co., Ltd. Product Planning Team Yosuke Unno

養老乃瀧 ドリンカーロボット
Expectations for future robots

"Robots work for hours and don't rest. They don't need paid holidays. They don't cause damage. They don't get dirty." The return on investment will be shorter, "said Mr. Momiya, who talked about his expectations for robots.

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