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"Coffee barista robot"

At the "Coffee Summit 2020" held in Futakotamagawa, there will be a co-starring of a human barista champion and a barista robot at the caravan coffee booth, and both will brew hand drip coffee and let the visitors judge which is more delicious. There was an event.

キャラバンコーヒー バリスタロボット
​Will it get closer to the taste of the champion?

At first it just started by imitating the behavior. The difference when the barista champion came to the office and actually brewed coffee and drank it was a shock. The position, time, and amount of hot water applied to the coffee beans are really delicate, and even a slight difference will change the taste.We repeated robot teaching over and over again and made adjustments to bring it closer to the taste of the champion.

​And demonstration

​In the actual production, the barista champion and the barista robot will breathe perfectly, and coffee will be brewed at the same time. I was also instructed in detailed movements, so I will brew coffee with careful movements. Finally, it will be served in a tasting cup.

キャラバンコーヒー バリスタロボット
キャラバンコーヒー バリスタロボット
What is the result?

The result is an overwhelming victory for the human barista champion, as shown in the photo. However, some people said that about 20% of robots are more delicious. If you train, one day you may be able to overcome it.

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