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​Software development technology

QBIT's core technology is software development technology. Below, we will unravel and introduce the "QBIT Service Robot Development Platform," which is synonymous with QBIT.

Different manufacturers, different models Robot control

​Robots can be linked without depending on the manufacturer or model. For example, an order is placed by word of mouth to the communication robot, the arm robot cooks, the serving robot comes to pick up at the right time, and the arm robot puts the cooked food on the serving robot.

QBITサービスロボット開発基盤 ロボット連携

A customer service engine that learns and grows

The image recognition utterance engine is linked with AI, and evaluates and scores whether (1) the customer smiled or (2) led to sales. Of the customer service performed by the robot, the pattern connected to (1) or (2) is recognized as a success pattern, and it is learned every day to improve customer service skills.

QBITサービスロボット開発基盤 AI画像認識 ロボット発話

Patented not only in Japan but also overseas

The "QBIT service robot development platform" has been recognized for its uniqueness and is currently patented in Japan and Taiwan. Patent applications have also been filed in Europe, the United States, and China.

QBITサービスロボット開発基盤 AI画像認識 ロボット発話

Image recognition utterance engine

Analyze images in cooperation with the camera. AI selects the optimal utterance and robot movement based on the attributes (gender, age group, facial expression) of the target person and the standing position. The robot tracks the facial expression of the person speaking to determine if the person was happy. As AI learns the results further, it is possible to know the optimum utterance content.

QBITサービスロボット開発基盤 AI画像認識 ロボット発話

License sale

The QBIT service robot development platform can be used not only in the service industry but also in many business formats as a development platform that allows robots of different models to work together. License sales are also possible, so please feel free to contact us.

QBITサービスロボット開発基盤 AI画像認識 ロボット発話
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