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Image by Tim Käbel


We would like to introduce the three strengths of QBIT.

Three strengths of QBIT

Solid track record

So far, QBIT has conducted demonstration experiments of many service robots in Japan and introduced them in actual stores. We have a lot of know-how about actual robot introduction such as operation and cost effectiveness as well as implementation.

Hardware development technology

In order to operate the robot efficiently, it is difficult to realize it only by the function of the robot. What is important is the environment around the robot and the robot-friendly environment. QBIT designs and develops robot booths, robot hands, sensor devices, robot jigs, etc. in-house.

Software development technology

By using the "QBIT Service Robot Development Platform" developed by QBIT, it is possible to easily operate complex robot controls and multiple robots of different models and manufacturers in cooperation with each other. In addition, the "image recognition utterance engine" enables the robot to speak according to the circumstances of the people around it.

* Patented in Japan and Taiwan

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