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"Robot utilization
​ consulting"

​With labor shortages, soaring labor costs, non-contact, non-face-to-face, and various responses required in the service industry, many people may be considering the introduction of robots in detail. However, it is often difficult for customers to collect information and make decisions on their own, such as being uncertain about how to master the robot or not knowing if it is really cost-effective. Please contact QBIT, a robotics service provider. We will answer as a professional who uses robots, not as a robot manufacturer.

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World network with robot makers

QBIT has not developed the robot itself. Robots are procured from all over the world. We have a worldwide network with robot manufacturers as well as domestic ones, and we will introduce the most suitable robots for our customers.

Robot multi-vendor

Robots are not machines that can be used if you buy them and switch them on. Like conventional IT equipment, it is an IT system product in itself, such as the surrounding environment for the robot to operate normally, collaborative operation with humans, and interlocking with other systems.

QBIT leverages the strengths of robot multi-vendors to provide customers with optimal robots and robot-friendly environments.

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​Robot is a mixed martial art of technology

If you buy a robot like a home appliance and turn it on, it will do the job you want. Unfortunately, today's robots can't do what they expect. It operates only when various know-how and technical elements such as the optimum physical environment in which the robot operates, software cooperation with other systems, cooperation with AI, cooperation with other robots, and operation with humans are linked. At QBIT, professional staff with those skills and experience will solve your problems.

​QBIT Vision

The declining working population in Japan cannot be stopped, and the era of supplementing the labor force with service robots will surely come. QBIT aims for a fun society in which humans and robots collaborate, and we believe that robots should help people rather than rob them of their jobs. Even in consulting, this belief remains unchanged, and we make proposals that make the work of our customers "easier" by using robots and "make it fun" by the existence of robots.

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