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"Introduction of serving robot"

We have introduced two serving robots to "THE GALLEY SEAFOOD & GRILL", which is run by MIkasa Kaikan in Takashimaya, Futakotamagawa. Corona​ In the food service industry, non-contact and non-face-to-face services are required, and catering robots are attracting attention. QBIT also announced the handling of catering robots as a corona countermeasure solution.

三笠会館 配膳ロボット Keenon
Start with a field survey.

Serving robots need to check the environment for safe driving such as steps, slopes, and aisle widths. In addition, the material of the ceiling and the arrangement of the table for putting markers for the robot to recognize the course. If necessary, you can bring in a QBIT serving robot for a running test.

​Carry-in installation work

There are two types of running methods for the serving robot. Laser method and marker method. Since each has different characteristics, select it according to the installation location and operation method. The photo shows the work of putting a marker on the ceiling. At QBIT, markers are also installed inconspicuously according to the atmosphere of the store.

三笠会館 配膳ロボット Keenon
三笠会館 配膳ロボット Keenon
Road mapping

Map the running course of the serving robot. All of these work in QBIT. We will select a safe course so that customers who come to the store will not collide with the robot, and make fine adjustments such as the stop position so that staff operations can be performed smoothly. Ultimately, adjustments will be made even after the actual operation begins.

Start of operation

QBIT will inform customers about operation guidance to staff and daily maintenance methods. We will make adjustments according to the actual store operation, and then the actual operation will start. I'm glad to see that customers who come to the store can enjoy the food that the robot brings.

三笠会館 配膳ロボット Keenon


We offer a custom-style salad bar along with grilled dishes of carefully selected ingredients such as seafood and steak. Two automatic transfer robots are active in the store. We will deliver the salad ordered by the customer "non-contact" and "non-face-to-face" to your seat.

Opening date: Monday, July 6, 2020

Location: 2 minutes walk from Futakotamagawa Station Tamagawa Takashimaya SC South Building 6F

3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, 158-0094


(The Galley Seafood and Grill by Mikasa Kaikan)

Business hours: 11: 00-22: 00 21:00 (LO)

Regular holiday: Same as the regular holiday of Tamagawa Takashimaya

Estimated price: 2500 yen-4500 yen A la carte 1800 yen-

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