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Robot introduction 1 hour free online advice

Recommended for all industries and industries!
Service industry, restaurant industry, commercial facility, manufacturing industry, agriculture, fishery industry, school ,. .. ..
For those who are worried about introducing robots and automation systems!
We accept "1 hour free online advice for robot introduction support"!

・ I'm interested in introducing robots, but I don't know what to do. ..
・ What can robots do in the first place? .. ..
・ I want to introduce a robot, but the cost doesn't match, right?
・ Isn't it possible to rely on human resources for this part of the work? .. ..
・ I'm doing this kind of work, but is there any place where I can increase productivity by robotization? .. ..
・ Relying on human resources, securing human resources, developing human resources, and managing shifts are difficult. .. ..
・ I have been instructed to promote the DX business, but I haven't come up with a new project. .. ..

Main advice content

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Robot introduction optimization advice

We will advise you if your work is suitable for robotization.

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Robot introduction possibility examination advice

We will listen to the issues of the entire business and advise on the possibility of where it can be used.


Robot introduction Advice in the first place

I'm interested in introducing robots, but what kind of work do you do FIT?

We will listen to your business and give you advice.

Case study

Online advice will be provided at Zoom.

We have an agreement to give you some advice.

Individual customers and peers may be refused.

* Please check the application form page for details.

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