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Humans and robots work together
Realize a fun service robot society

Robotics is a mixed martial art of technology.

Recently, we have seen many serving robots in restaurants.

The spread of service robots has just begun.

The age of service robots, which I believe will definitely come, is coming.

We're getting there very soon.

Robotics is a mixed martial art of technology.

All technical skills are required.

So difficult, but fun

Of course, no one has all the skills.

​ so I need you.

Would you like to create tomorrow's era with us? ​


System Engineer

It is a job to manufacture a system using robots. From robot selection to setting, teaching, design and manufacturing of robot peripheral equipment. It will be a job to manufacture general hardware including robots.


sales engineer

​ My job is to listen to customer requests and propose the most suitable robot system. The scope is wide-ranging, such as custom-made robot manufacturing and co-creation business using robots.



​My main job is to develop the QUBIC platform developed by QBIT Robotics. We will entrust you with the overall robot system program development including robots and networks.

*The ONEPAIR recruitment page will be displayed. For current recruitment information, please see the information there.

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