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Because we have a lot of experience in mounting robots, we can develop, design and produce the hardware (jigs, mechanisms, etc.) necessary for a robot-friendly environment. Below, we will introduce some of the hardware that we have developed so far.

​Hardware development technology

​Provided by total design completed system

QBIT is a robotics service provider. We provide everything including peripherals, not just the introduction of a single robot.

ドリンカーロボット アームロボットソリューション

Face for arm robot

QBIT values human-robot communication. So it ’s an arm robot, but I dare to say “face”​ We provide a familiar robot system by letting you speak with.

ハウステンボス カフェロボット パッケージ

Please leave the interior and exterior design to us.

​We can propose designs that match the image of the installation location such as events, exhibitions, stores and offices, and the image of using robots.

JR東日本スタートアップ 大宮駅 パスタロボット

Peripheral equipment production using 3D printers

If you need to make it with peripheral devices, we use a 3D printer. Now it can be manufactured at low cost and can be used without problems in terms of strength depending on the place of use.

アームロボット ハンド 3Dプリンタ

Tactile hand

A "tactile hand" is a robot hand with a tactile sensation that uses a light, soft, and highly accurate "e-Rubber sensor". Soft and different sizes that were difficult in the past can be easily grasped with the "tactile hand", and QBIT and Toyoda Gosei are working toward the practical application of the tactile hand in the food and beverage and service industries, where labor shortages are becoming more serious. We are promoting collaboration.

ロボット ハンド 触覚ハンド 豊田合成
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