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"Pasta robot"

As a result of being adopted by the "JR East Start Up Program 2019", this project will be held at JR Omiya Station for 6 days.​ It will be carried out. This is a project in which a robot makes pasta and behaves to customers. The menu is left to the meat sauce, carbonara, and the robot. When you press the button, the robot decides which menu to look at the customer's face.

​ * This is not currently being conducted because it is a demonstration experiment store for a limited time.

JR東日本スタートアップ 大宮駅 パスタロボット
Quick installation, quick withdrawal

The location this time is the concourse of JR Omiya Station. Even if the 100V power supply can be routed, there is no water and sewage, and the robot and housing cannot be fixed. Furthermore, in a situation where it is necessary to install it in 6 hours at night and complete the withdrawal in a few hours, we adopted a reinforced corrugated cardboard housing that can be installed quickly and can be removed quickly and can be freely designed. Saw.

The menu is pasta

​The plan to cook pasta was decided. The problem is how to cook it. At first, I planned a full-scale pasta using a commercial boiled noodle machine, but the concourse at the station does not have 200V and is limited to cooking machines that can be used with a 100V power supply. Eventually, it became a method of pouring hot water into dried noodles and heating them in a microwave oven. From there, trial production and tasting are repeated. It is a task to find the right amount of boiling water and boiling time. Thanks to you, we were able to provide delicious pasta.

JR東日本スタートアップ 大宮駅 パスタロボット
JR東日本スタートアップ 大宮駅 パスタロボット
Tactile hand

This time, in addition to the challenge menu pasta, it also served as an introduction test for the newly developed tactile hand. The tactile hand is a hand that has a sense by attaching a special rubber with a sensor function called e Rubber developed by Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. to the fingertips of the robot hand. It's hard to see in the photo, but the microwave-heated paper cup is soft, can you see that you have it without crushing it?

​Image recognition AI engine

We have also implemented "Omotenashi Controller", an image recognition AI utterance engine originally developed by BIT.

Many customers came to the store during the production, and the area around the store was crowded. Among them, we recognized customers around the store and made voice bets, and when the menu button was pressed by the robot, we recognized the customer's face and decided either meat sauce or carbonara.

​ It is a corporate secret what kind of face is meat sauce and carbonara.

JR東日本スタートアップ 大宮駅 パスタロボット
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