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You can use it according to various situations.

Nuwa KebbiAir コミュニケーションロボット


Programming education

English education

Nuwa KebbiAir コミュニケーションロボット


Corporate reception

Restaurant information

Nuwa KebbiAir コミュニケーションロボット

Thermal camera

Cram school and children's facilities

​ Stores and restaurants

6 features of Kebbi Air

7 inch multi-touch screen

Equipped with RGB full color LED light
​ Selectable robot faces and facial expressions

​Excellent expressiveness

12 servo motors allow you to move your body flexibly
​ The movement of each part can be highly controlled

​ Artificial intelligence

Speech recognition / natural language processing Object and face recognition system
​ Extended AI module

At the tip
​ Conversation function

6 array microphone noise canceller
​ 52mm loud reflective speaker

Multiple sensors
​ Recognition function

Microphone / camera / touch sensor infrared sensor
Recognition of more than 300 types
Face recognition for over 500 people
​ Voice recognition, facial expression recognition

​ Corresponding function

Chatbot function Natural speech synthesis
​ Abundant built-in characters

Nuwa KebbiAir コミュニケーションロボット

Product size            318 x 307 x 166mm

Product weight          2.5kg

Operation system  Andoroid 9.X

processor           Qualcomm 8 core processor

memory               LPDDR3 3GB

Maximum card expansion memory   128GB Micro SD card expansion memory

Storage capacity memory     EMMC 32GB

Camera pixel             5 million pixels

Bluetooth support       Bluetooth 4.1

speaker            4Ω 3W

Light                RGB LED  5 groups

network           802.11a / b / n

Rated voltage             3.7V

Battery capacity         9100mAh lithium battery

Charger input voltage        AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.5A
Output voltage             DC5V-3A / DC9V-2A
Rated power             18W

Operating temperature             0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Charging temperature             0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Interface USB Type C Charging Interface

Face screen 7 inch LCD screen, capacitive multi-touch

Microphone 6 Digital Array Microphone

Sensor Human body and ground infrared sensor, touch sensor

Language ability Japanese, voice recognition distance 3 meters

Servo motor 12 Servo motor

Nuwa KebbiAir コミュニケーションロボット
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