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"Logistics robot solution in the building"

​In anticipation of an era in which robots are becoming cheaper and various robots move vertically and horizontally in the building, QBIT uses the "QBIT Service Robot Development Platform" to develop an in-building logistics solution that integrates and controls multiple different types of robots. .. In June 2021, we conducted a demonstration experiment at Mori Trust's Shiroyama Trust Tower and received high praise from tenants and logistics companies. In the future, we are aiming for a wide range of business development, including cooperation with cleaning robots and security robots, as well as automatic transfer robots.

Coordinating multiple different types of robots

We provide appropriate and inexpensive in-building logistics robot solutions by procuring and combining multiple robots that meet the requirements from different manufacturers and different models of transfer robots. It automatically analyzes the size of the package, the destination, and the position where the robot is, and automatically selects the appropriate transfer robot before delivering or collecting the cargo. Only by linking different robots, we can realize more efficient in-house logistics.

Seen in the demonstration experiment
​ User benefits

With the spread of coronavirus infection, there was an increasing need for non-face-to-face and non-contact on the part of users such as tenants. When we conducted a demonstration experiment in July 2021, we received high praise from users, saying, "Because it is a robot, it is easy to ask for collection without hesitation." Because it is a robot, it is possible to develop detailed in-building logistics services, such as setting the collection time so that it can be reserved at 15-minute intervals.


​Gaze from the carrier

Transport companies have a chronic shortage of drivers, and now that the volume of goods is increasing, there is a desire to reduce the time required for logistics within the building as much as possible. With this solution, the driver's stop-by time is minimized by leaving the in-house logistics to the robot. In addition, the driver can check in advance on the WEB whether or not there is a baggage to be picked up, so efficient pick-up is possible. Due to these merits, in-house logistics companies and facility companies may also earn profits from transportation companies.

​Can be deployed with a view to security and cleaning robots

By using the proprietary "QBIT Service Robot Development Platform", not only robot arms and automatic transfer robots, but also security and cleaning robots can be collectively controlled on the same platform. For example, there is a possibility of building operation by a robot team in which a robot that delivers luggage in the daytime recognizes a dirty floor, takes over images and position information to the cleaning robot, and the cleaning robot cleans the relevant part at night. Probably.

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