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Huis Ten Bosch

We have set up a QBIT robot booth-type robot cafe at Henna Cafe in Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki. It is an evolved version as a robot package, where the robot guides the bus from the timetable data, and even though it is a remote location, the remote support function supports system version upgrades.

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Development of a robot booth

Based on my experience at the "Weird Cafe" in Shibuya, we have developed a booth dedicated to robots so as not to cause misalignment.

This booth is a robot-only booth that has water and sewage, power supply, and network installed in advance, can be disassembled and transported by truck, and can be easily assembled.

It is designed to function as a restaurant when it is transported and installed, and then connected to a power source or water and sewage.

​Linkage with signage

The place to install it is in the building used as a waiting area for buses to Nagasaki Airport.

This time, in addition to the cafe service, we have added a function to guide customers who are waiting in conjunction with the timetable of buses and trains. When the timing comes, the destination and time are displayed on the signage on the wall of the waiting room, and the robot guides you by voice with gestures.

Operation is possible with almost no manpower even during the busy season

During the busy season such as summer vacation, the waiting room is crowded due to the heat. Partly because of that, it was used by a large number of customers. Even so, humans support work such as replenishment, but sales could be operated only by robots while also handling bus and train guidance.

Huis Ten Bosch Henna cafe ​​

1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Town, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

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