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Delivery Robot DR1

DR1 is an autonomous delivery robot.

In 2021, we conducted a demonstration experiment of a "robotic in-house delivery and pickup service" using a commercially available food delivery robot and other robots.

From the experience of the demonstration experiment

We want to deliver packages more safely.

"We want to deliver packages more safely" and "We want to deliver packages in batches to improve delivery efficiency.

We have now planned, developed, and marketed a delivery robot that can fulfill these needs.

Features of ​DR1


2 containers

In order to increase the efficiency of delivery, we carry two containers. You can deliver to two locations in one delivery. (It is also possible to increase the number of containers)


​Elevator linkage

Equipped with an elevator boarding/alighting mode. Interlocking with other peripheral devices such as security automatic doors and PBX is also possible.


​with automatic door

We deliver hygienically and safely in a container with a door.

It also has a password function, so it can be securely delivered to the person himself/herself.

​Use scene


​High-rise apartment

You don't have to go to the delivery lockers to pick up your parcels if you let DR1 handle your condominium deliveries. Deliveries such as Uber Eats do not require face-to-face contact with the delivery person, allowing you to protect your privacy.



DR1 is about 50 cm wide. Please leave delivery and serving in narrow aisles to us. The door also has a lock, so you can safely carry it to a distant room.



DR1 has multiple containers. Efficient delivery within the office by transporting a large number of packages at once.

​ Introduction flow


Product Specifications

Size: width 504 x height 1200
Maximum loading weight: up to 40kg
Direction of movement: 360 degrees
Movement speed: 1m/s (maximum 1.2m/s)
Charging time: 5 hours
Continuous operation time: 7 hours (with 40kg load)
Sensor: laser distance sensor, RGB-D camera,
Ultrasonic distance sensor 6-axis motion sensor
Infrared sensor, anti-collision sensor
Climbing ability: 10° or less possible
Step: 18mm or less possible
Warranty period: 6 months after purchase

Please let us know your request

・Consultation on lease contracts is also available
・The following changes are possible
- body color
- Change from container type to tray type
- number of containers

​Request a quote

​ Please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!
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