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Cooking customer service robot solution

So far, QBIT has worked on various cooking robots such as liquor, pasta, and waffles, starting from cafes. And by using the "QBIT service robot development platform" controlled by those robots, it is fun not only for the robots to work, but also for recognizing the customer's facial expressions and standing positions by image recognition and speaking out (speaking). We provide robot systems.

Introducing QBIT's "cooking customer service robot solution" such as products that package those know-how.

ロボットカフェ アームロボットソリューション
​Cafe package & robot cafe system

Since the robot arm, housing, etc. are provided as semi-finished products for on-site assembly from factory shipment, the robot cafe can be set up in a few hours. Although it is named "Cafe", beer can be served by changing the cooking equipment from an espresso machine to a beer suburb. The robot arm handles everything from order reception to drink provision.

High speed drinker robot package

It is a robot system that can handle 6 types of glasses and can create 144 types of cocktails at high speed by combining 20 cocktail bases and soda dispensers.

The order is made with a tablet order, and it is linked with the function to notify the staff's wearable watch when it is completed.

By adopting an inexpensive arm robot, the package price is also very low.

Robot integration for eating and drinking

It is possible to introduce not only packaged products but also robot systems into existing environments. We can build a robot system that meets the needs of our customers, such as layout and design.

Furthermore, it is possible to build a fully automatic system from cooking to serving by linking the arm robot and the transfer robot.

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