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"Cafe Robot Package"

A cafe package that uses an arm robot. We made a robot-specific housing (KIOSK type). The enclosure incorporates the necessary infrastructure such as water supply and drainage, power supply, and network, and the system is manufactured at the factory and transported to the installation site. If you install it as it is, you can easily open a robot cafe.

ロボットカフェパッケージ &robot アームロボットカフェ

Talk, dance, work hard

An all-in-one package KIOSK type cafe where robots loved by customers work. The robot acts as a clerk to attract customers, serve customers, make drinks, and serve them to customers. Hospitality using talking, facial expressions, and gestures. You will grow every day while learning to be attentive, attentive, and worried. We will deliver a complete set of combined operations such as robots, cafe machines, service counters, etc. as parts.
By shortening the assembly and adjustment time, we have made it possible for professional staff to set up stores easily and quickly. We will provide a centralized maintenance service at the dedicated inquiry window.

Offer menu

Operates two drip machines, an espresso machine, a grinder and an ice dispenser to support various drink menus. Coffee is freshly ground and brewed, and beans are ground and served for each order. You can make 20 cups of drip coffee and 30 cups of latte per hour.
[Offered menu]
Drip coffee Ice coffee Cafe latte Ice latte Matcha latte Other cafe machine compatible menu

ロボットカフェパッケージ &robot アームロボットカフェ
ロボットカフェパッケージ &robot アームロボットカフェ

In such a scene

Add futuristic fun to busy places such as shopping centers and food courts.
Revitalize idle spaces such as office towers and event halls.
Providing a valuable relaxing space for people coming and going, such as train stations and airports.

Main installation requirements

External dimensions Width 2.4 mx Depth 2.4 mx Height 2.4 m
Total weight about 670kg
Power supply Single-phase 200V 3000W 3 circuits and single-phase 100V 1500W 3 circuits or single-phase 200V 3-wire 12000W (direct distribution board)
Water supply / drainage Water supply pipe (ball tap 13A), drainage pipe (40φ PVC pipe)  
communication   Internet connection line

ロボットカフェパッケージ &robot アームロボットカフェ
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