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​Solid track record

So far, QBIT has conducted demonstration experiments of many service robots in Japan and introduced them in actual stores. We have a lot of know-how about actual robot introduction such as operation and cost effectiveness as well as implementation.

JR東日本スタートアップ ロボットパスタ 大宮駅
​Maximize cost performance

The cost is a concern with the introduction of robots. QBIT is always trying to make proposals aiming at maximizing cost performance in order to popularize service robots.

三笠会館 配膳ロボット Keenon
Proposing the best robot

The strength of QBIT is that we can select the most suitable combination for our customers from various products and technologies, build a system, and provide it. We propose robots that match the customer's industry, business format, and purpose.

ハウステンボス カフェロボット パッケージ
​Efficiency + fun

It is natural to ask robots for efficiency, but the arm robots provided by QBIT have faces and talk and dance. We are particular about not only efficiency but also fun.

​Flow until introduction

1 Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. We would appreciate it if you could describe the image of robot utilization, such as expectations for robot utilization.

2 hearing

We will hear about the purpose of robot utilization, installation location, preparation period, budget feeling, presence or absence of payment and means, etc., and proceed to a concrete concept.

3 Field survey

We will conduct a field survey of the power supply, network, camera installation environment / measurement, etc. required for robot introduction.

4 Quote

Based on the results of hearings and field surveys, we select appropriate robots and present individual quotations.

5 Order

We conclude an ordering contract and finally proceed to design and assembly.​

6 Design / Development

We design and develop the hardware required for the robot environment, and design robot movements and utterances.

7 Carry-in / installation

Install the robot on site. Final adjustments are made locally. Customers are required to confirm delivery.

8 Operational support

We provide operation and maintenance support after installation. We can also provide reports such as sales and user statistics according to customer requirements.

Case Studies

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