Automatic serving robot Pudu Bot

It is an automatic traveling robot that automatically avoids obstacles and carries food and luggage to a designated place. QBIT offers Pudu Bot, an automatic serving robot from Pudu Robotics, from many serving robots on the market. According to the customer's request, we provide integrated support from installation support to initial setting, operation and maintenance support according to the atmosphere and mounting environment of the store.

配膳ロボット 配送ロボット PUDU Bot

Simple design that can be installed anywhere

It is expected to be used in various scenes where customers have many opportunities to see it directly. Of course, the function is an important point, but the design is also a concern. If the design is too rugged, it may not match the surrounding design depending on the installation location.

In that respect, Pudu Bot has a simple design based on white. It can be used in any scene.

At hospitals and restaurants, mainly overseas
We have a track record of introduction by more than 2000 companies.

It is popular in China for its friendly design and safe and accurate serving. QBIT is familiar with Pudu Bot as its distributor. We will support you with careful introduction support and initial settings so that you can use the robot from the day of introduction.

配膳ロボット 配送ロボット PUDU Bot
配膳ロボット 配送ロボット PUDU Bot

Easy-to-use square tray

The Pudu Bot has an easy-to-use square shape. The tableware tray can be placed as it is, which is perfect for the design.

In addition, since the tray can be taken out from the direction of travel of the robot, it is easy for customers to take it out and troubles when receiving it can be reduced.

It can be used anywhere, not just for eating and drinking.

The work of carrying things exists not only in restaurants but also in all kinds of business. When you hear the word "serving robot", you may think that it is exclusively for serving, but it can also be used as a delivery robot. QBIT has a track record of building "in-building collection and delivery services" using Pudu Bot.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the usage scene.

配膳ロボット 配送ロボット PUDU Bot
配膳ロボット 配送ロボット PUDU Bot


Body size Width 516mm x Depth 500mm x Height 1288mm

Body weight 35kg

Material ABS / Aviation-grade aluminum alloyCharging time4

Battery 10-24 H

Running speed 0.5-1.2m / s (Adjustable)

Loading weight 13kg / tray, Max 30kg