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"Drinker Bot Package"

A drinker robot system that uses arm robots to make cocktails and alcohol. You can use the same 6 types of glasses and pitchers that you normally use in stores. Furthermore, since 20 cocktail bases can be installed, more than 100 types of cocktails can be made in 90 seconds in combination with a juice dispenser.

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​6 types of glasses are available

Automatically acquire glasses by setting 6 types of tumblers (large), tumblers (small), wine glasses (small), wine glasses (large), champagne glasses, and pitchers for splits in a rotary rack developed in-house. You can make a glass of wine.

20 cocktail base

​You can attach 10 cocktail bases on one side and 20 cocktail bases on the left and right. Of course, you can freely adjust the amount of cocktail base to be added.

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Rotating glass shelves and shelves with display function

It comes with a rotating glass shelf that works with the robot and a shelf that can display the product name and order number. The rotary glass shelf is a shelf that rotates when an order is placed and automatically sets the glass in a position that is easy for the robot to take. 8 shelves provided​ Each cocktail is displayed on the LCD plate with the product name and order number on the shelves for serving cocktails.

​Operation tablet

Operations such as system startup are performed on a dedicated tablet. The menu can also be operated, but the menu can be linked with other companies' tablet orders via the network.

Furthermore, when the cocktail is completed, there is a function to notify the staff even though it is a wearable terminal.

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Main installation requirements

External dimensions Width 1.6 mx Depth 2.0 mx Height 0.9 m (height of installation counter)
Power robot body and control PC, rotary glass shelf and provided shelf

Single-phase 100V 1500W

Ice dispensers and juice dispensers depend on the machine you are using.

communication   Internet connection line

* If you specify equipment other than the standard juice dispenser and ice dispenser, an additional adjustment fee will be charged.

* A separate adjustment fee will be charged for glasses other than the designated glasses.

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